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Premium Baby Wet Wipes

Wabi-Sabi Premium Baby Wet Wipes are of the highest quality! They are huge and thick, ensuring suitability for heavy duty usage such as diaper change or as adult wipes. Using only the safest ingredients, these unscented, hypoallergenic wet tissues are meticulously crafted without alcohol or parabens, reaffirming our commitment to quality and your well-being.

  • Sheet size: 200 x 180mm
  • Quantity: 70 sheets
  • Thickness: 65gsm
  • Texture: Pearl Emboss

Gentle Baby Wet Wipes

Wabi-Sabi Gentle Baby Wet Wipes presents a high-quality product at an exceptionally budget-friendly price, ensuring value for our customers. Using the same safe formulation with our premium wipes, these wet tissues perfect for your everyday use – baby wipe, pet wipe or just generic cleaning purposes.

  • Sheet size: 180 x 150mm
  • Quantity: 80 sheets
  • Thickness: 45gsm
  • Texture: Plain

Awards & Certifications

Dermatest – Excellent Grade

Ensuring the safety and quality of our products is of utmost importance. Our wet wipes are subjected to rigorous testing at Dermatest GmbH in Germany. The results speak volumes, as we proudly announce the attainment of an excellent grade, reinforcing our commitment to providing a product that meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

(Study number 2310233617)

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